How to Name A Business – An Overview

How to Select a Business Name

You reach the proverbial Eureka Moment when inspiration for the perfect business idea takes hold.   Evolving from a random conversation or a back-of-the-napkin brainstorming session, your concept provides an innovative product or service or a new twist on a solution already in the marketplace.   And you have meticulous research and a clear plan for growth.  Ready to capitalize on this opportunity, all you lack is the perfect business name for your new venture.  So, how to name a business that makes an impact?   Selecting a great business name involves choosing a name that helps customers clearly identify your offering and providing a platform to build a strong brand.  BrandStarters specializes in offering affordable, highly brandable names to accelerate your search.  Below are tips to help guide you toward just the right name for your business, product or web site.

Try to limit name length to fewer than 14 characters — ideally 8 characters or less, if possible.  Shorter names are more effective than longer ones and highly coveted as domains. Requiring your customers to remember and type a long name is not smart.

Avoid names with alternate spellings or common spelling mistakes to minimize confusion and hassle in locating your business name online.

Names that are easy to pronounce are generally easier to remember.  Be mindful of consonant and vowel patterns and the potential for mispronunciation.

Avoid business names that conflict with existing trademarks or have intellectual property conflicts.

Top Level Domain (TLD)
While choices are now plentiful for extensions, .COM is universally recognized for commercial sites.

Finding out how to name a business using names meeting the above criteria can be a daunting task.  Accelerate your search for how to name a business by using BrandStarters to generate a list of a viable brands.

by BrandStarters