Earn Substantial Income By Creating Amazon Affiliate Sites

start an online business with amazon affiliate program

Affiliate marketing involves a business rewarding its affiliates for each customer or sale brought by the affiliate’s marketing efforts. It is one of the most popular and lucrative forms of online marketing. Virtually anyone can be an affiliate and earn substantial income by selling products online. There are countless affiliate programs you can join, but the most popular and successful by far is Amazon Associates. This guide aims to help you get your feet wet in the world of affiliate marketing and give you tips on how to make money by setting up Amazon affiliate sites.

Why Choose Amazon Affiliate Program?

The first question most beginners ask is: Why should I choose to start an online business with the Amazon affiliate program when there are plenty of other choices out there? While there are several businesses offering their own affiliate programs, Amazon makes the entire process of joining and earning commissions extremely simple and easy. Becoming an affiliate is only a matter of filling in a few forms, after which you are all set to earn by selling their products.

It’s also important to understand that Amazon is trusted by pretty much everyone in the world. If you point your online visitors to Amazon’s official website, they know that they are working with a reputable company and they feel safe in making their purchase decisions. On top of that, you can earn commissions even if your visitors don’t buy the exact item you’re promoting. As long as they purchase a product through your affiliate link, you will be rewarded with a commission.

Useful Resources To Get Started

Many people lose hope right away upon hearing that you need to create Amazon affiliate sites to earn money. Never let this discourage you. Even if you do not have any technical knowledge when it comes to website creation, you can still succeed with the help of a few tools. There are plenty of courses and software tools that can help you set up your own site.

Perhaps the most popular software tools for Amazon affiliates are those that help in setting up an e-commerce website. These are usually called Store Builders. Using this tool, you can create a gorgeous website in just a few clicks. It comes with a dashboard which contains all the control settings, allowing you to change and update your site whenever you want.

You can also join online courses that help people start their online business with Amazon affiliate sites. These courses are created by some of the most successful Amazon affiliate marketers. While joining requires a premium fee, you can definitely get your money’s worth as these courses contain a wealth of information about all there is to know in affiliate marketing, from setting up a website, choosing what products to sell, and generating traffic for your site.

If you’re tight on budget, you can learn and execute everything by yourself. This might sound too tall an order, but it’s not as difficult as you might think. Building a website is made easy with the help of content management systems, the most popular being WordPress. WordPress is extremely easy to use. After installation, you can start blogging right away. There are innumerable themes to choose from, both free and paid. You can even set up an e-commerce site without having to buy premium Store Builders.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Becoming a successful Amazon affiliate isn’t all about setting up a website, putting your affiliate links in the content, and expecting you’d get tons of sales. It entails much more than that. The following are step-by-step instructions you need to do to ensure your Amazon affiliate sites take off.

1. Choose what product to sell.

Amazon sells a wide range of products. You can think of pretty much any item under the sun and there’s a good chance you can find it on Amazon. This makes it difficult to choose what product to sell. There are two main things to consider here: the price of the product and how stiff the competition is for that particular product.

The price of the product is an important consideration because the higher the price, the higher the commission you earn. Amazon has a volume-based advertising fee rates. Basically, this means the more items you sell, the higher the percentage of each sale you earn. In their lowest tier, the rate is 4%, while in the highest it is 8.5%. Usually, it’s better to go for products that are worth $100 or more as you earn very little commission from items that cost less. However, cheap items are still helpful in bringing you up the tiers, so don’t neglect them altogether.

You should also take the time to research about the competition for the product you plan to sell. Check out the first page of Google and see whether there are other Amazon affiliates selling the same product. It requires a lot of knowledge to determine whether you can beat the sites already ranking on top of Google, so make sure you learn about SEO.

2. Set up your website.

The platform of choice when it comes to website creation is WordPress, but you can also use other CMS such as Drupal and Joomla. You can even hire a professional website designer to build the site for you. It is important to make your site as professional-looking as you can. This builds trust, letting your visitors know that they are not using some shady website.

One of the most overlooked things when it comes to web design is optimizing for the best conversion rates. You can tweak plenty of things in your website to get the optimum conversion rate including call-to-action buttons, color of the text link, and sidebar and banner ads.

3. Generate traffic to your website.

You can’t expect people to magically find your website. Your site would prove to be of no use even if it’s the best-looking site in your niche if nobody ever visits it. The most important thing here is to let your site climb up the rankings in Google. This is where search engine optimization comes into play. You must optimize your webpages and target keywords that your customers are using. You should also create high quality and relevant backlinks to your site, as this is one of the biggest factors Google use in ranking websites.

Other than search engines, social media is also a good source of targeted traffic. You can set up your own accounts on various social media platforms and establish your online presence. This is a great opportunity to connect with your customers, so make sure you respond to them and deliver the kind of content they will find interesting and valuable.

Additional Tips For Faster Results

If you’re a complete beginner, the instructions mentioned above might sound too intimidating. You can choose to hire a professional if you’re not comfortable doing things on your own. The great thing here is that you can learn things as you create the Amazon affiliate site. This allows you to have the knowledge and experience to do things by yourself in the future.

You can always choose to outsource the work to save time. For instance, you can hire a writer to manage the content creation aspect of your online business. You can also hire a SEO expert to help increase your website’s rankings in the search engines. The important thing here is to study your ROI. You should make sure that you’re getting more than what you’re paying your writer and SEO.

How Long Before You See Results?

Speaking of ROI, one of the questions often asked by beginners is how long they need to wait before they see results from this online business. The truth is, there is no exact answer to this question. The reason for this is that there’s no guarantee when your website will reach the top spot in Google. But if you do everything correctly, it’s reasonable to say that you can expect to see some income start rolling in after two to three months. Remember that this will be largely dictated by your overall marketing efforts.

How Much Can You Earn From This Business Model?

As mentioned earlier, affiliate marketing is a lucrative business. One successful Amazon affiliate website can generate hundreds of dollars per month. Aside from the number of traffic your site receives, the amount of money you generate also depends on the type of site you have. Some marketers create one huge website, while others choose to build smaller, niche-specific sites. If you have several small websites earning hundreds every month, you can easily earn additional income in the thousands.

Join The Amazon Affiliate Program Now

As you can see, becoming an Amazon affiliate can very well be all you need to gain financial freedom. There’s a bit of learning curve, but once you master the basics, it’s just a matter of creating more websites and increasing the number of your revenue streams.

Generate Company Name Ideas With BrandStarters

Only a remarkable name for your company can make a lasting impression and help your company to standout from competitors. Choosing the wrong name for a company can even lead to failure of the entire the business venture. To achieve a high level of success and name recognition, you need to select the most appropriate and brandable company name that matches with your organization’s vision and direction.

Choose An Ideal Company Name

Start with a list of company name ideas for your product or service. Choosing the perfect company name ideas for your venture is not easy but is a very important step. You should use all available branding resources in order to obtain the best name for your company. Reading various blogs and learning how multinational companies obtained their company name ideas can help.  Also, you can read about naming techniques and branding advice from a variety of trusted resources.

Finding Remarkable Domains

There are a variety of domain market places which offer company name ideas for your business and can promote your message. BrandStarters offers naming ideas for your company and professional names in a creative manner to your business. These names will be very attractive to your customers and provide an instant connection with your organization.

Essentials of a Good Company Name

Your company name should reinforce the key elements of your business. The more your company name communicates to customers about the key elements of your business, less effort will be required to explain your corporate mission and core attributes. It is always best to use short, memorable words in your company name to allow people easily understand about what your company offers and remember your product or service.

The best way to get perfect company name ideas at highly affordable prices is by leveraging companies offering brandable and professional names. Choosing a compelling company name idea is the first step toward building your business and establishing a strong brand identity.

Choosing The Perfect Business Name – Business Name Ideas

For your business to attain a huge level of success and to prosper in the long run, a good name for your business is essential. The right name for your business or company can make your business easy to remember and communicate. An informative business name makes it simple for your customers to know instantly what your business is all about.

The need of a strong business name

Naming your business with the appropriate business name is not an easy task. You might either consider an expert who can provide business name ideas for your business or you can opt for numerous service providers available on-line. BrandStarters is on-line provider of domain names which makes your business grow and propels brands forward.

The benefits of a good business name

When you name your business with the suitable name from a list of business name ideas, you definitely need to invest time and energy into the process. These names can be real words or a combination of words or they can also be newly created words. It is a good idea to name your business with a name which is to relate to and understandable. BrandStarters can help you to get the most appropriate and suitable name for your business.

Tips for choosing a good business name

There are certain tips to keep in mind before choosing a name for your business. You need to choose a business name which appeals not only to you but also to the kind of customers you are looking to attract. You need to choose a familiar and comfortable name and avoid choosing a name which is very long and confusing.

You can shop for the perfect business name ideas on-line which helps to make memorable impressions and once you have decided upon a name, you can start building your enthusiasm for the new name instantly.

How to Name A Business – Domain Length

Essential elements of strong business communication is precision and efficiency. When trying to locate a package delivery service online,  typing UPS into a web browser is far more accurate than United Parcel Service.  Andersen Consulting changed its name to Accenture in 2001 as part of a split of accounting and technology organizations.   Starbucks Coffee, Tea and Spice became simply Starbucks.  Mosaic Systems famously morphed into Netscape.   All examples highlight the power of a finding short, memorable business name to build instant brand recognition.

The length of a business name plays an important role in how well customers remember a product or service.  The most effective business names often are comprised one or two words that are easy to spell and use a complementary set of syllables and grammar.  Names are sometimes derived from letter combinations that have no existing meaning.  A limited number of syllables is very desirable for a great name as it reduces the amount of effort required to type, pronounce and read.

For internet domain names, keeping the domain length to 8 characters or less is recommended to maximize the opportunity for customer access and discovery.  Avoid names with alternate spellings or common spelling mistakes to minimize confusion and hassle in locating your business name online.  Three-letter domains are rare and often out-of-reach to the average business.  Savvy business owners should target pronounceable names between 4 and 8 characters.

Finding names meeting the above criteria can be a daunting task.  Instead of a frustrating trial-and-error approach of brainstorming names and then checking availability, accelerate your search by using BrandStarters to generate a list of a viable brands that can be purchased and quickly transferred.

How to Name A Business – An Overview

How to Select a Business Name

You reach the proverbial Eureka Moment when inspiration for the perfect business idea takes hold.   Evolving from a random conversation or a back-of-the-napkin brainstorming session, your concept provides an innovative product or service or a new twist on a solution already in the marketplace.   And you have meticulous research and a clear plan for growth.  Ready to capitalize on this opportunity, all you lack is the perfect business name for your new venture.  So, how to name a business that makes an impact?   Selecting a great business name involves choosing a name that helps customers clearly identify your offering and providing a platform to build a strong brand.  BrandStarters specializes in offering affordable, highly brandable names to accelerate your search.  Below are tips to help guide you toward just the right name for your business, product or web site.

Try to limit name length to fewer than 14 characters — ideally 8 characters or less, if possible.  Shorter names are more effective than longer ones and highly coveted as domains. Requiring your customers to remember and type a long name is not smart.

Avoid names with alternate spellings or common spelling mistakes to minimize confusion and hassle in locating your business name online.

Names that are easy to pronounce are generally easier to remember.  Be mindful of consonant and vowel patterns and the potential for mispronunciation.

Avoid business names that conflict with existing trademarks or have intellectual property conflicts.

Top Level Domain (TLD)
While choices are now plentiful for extensions, .COM is universally recognized for commercial sites.

Finding out how to name a business using names meeting the above criteria can be a daunting task.  Accelerate your search for how to name a business by using BrandStarters to generate a list of a viable brands.